Machine-Woman Love Affair

I just hugged my washing machine.  I’m over my mad about my old one’s not lasting the 25 years I’d expected of it.  Instead, I’m in love with my new washer.

I couldn’t believe the tiny bit of detergent it takes–maybe an ounce?  And I was flabbergasted when I let it fill with water, peeked inside, and could see damp clothes but no water.  It’s Energy-Star, to boot.  So I’m saving $$$$ and being eco-conscious while getting cleaner clothes than I got with the old machine (may it rest in recycled peace).  It wasn’t an expensive model, either, especially after my energy rebate.  And it isn’t one of those front-loaders that so many people are having trouble with (no mold for me, thank you!).

I admit that little things like this excite me.  Okay, maybe I should get a life.  So sue me.  Better still, when your old machine gurgles down it’s last sudsy gulp, buy one of these.

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