Illness, Loneliness, and Friendship

Extended illness causes loneliness. The sick person wants to interact with others but may not have much energy. The parent/spouse/child caregiver is often just as lonely, seeing their loved one in their weakened, vulnerable, less communicative state while they, themselves, find their caregiving isolating them from their friends and normal life. For both, the loneliness can be as devastating as the illness itself. Which is where you come in. Brighten their lives with a card, note, or voicemail, just to let them know you’re thinking about them but not asking for a response. If they’ve been part of a group you belong to, call to fill them in on details of the last meeting or some silly thing that happened at a social event (this IS a good time for light, harmless gossip). Drop off a meal or special goodie. Bring over old pictures of times you spent together and share memories. Always call first, and stay only as long as you aren’t tiring them. Such little things go a long way to brighten lonely lives.

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