Kids and Tattoos

Gangs take their toll in violence, promote anti-social behavior, and alienate young people from their families and their non-gang member friends.  Part of that life is tattoos, proudly advertising the youngster’s affiliation with their gang, as well as crimes they have committed or words and signs that others find offensive.  Unfortunately, those tattoos remain forever, interfering with the youth’s ability to re-enter non-gang society or get a job.  They mark him as someone to avoid.  Do you know a 14 to 25-year old with gang or prison tattoos on his face, hands, neck, or wrists?  And is he no longer part of a gang but trying to move into a meaningful, productive adulthood?  Give him the Homeboy Industries web address ( to get his tattoos removed for free. Help him apply for the program and encourage his progress through it.  It will take only a little of your time but help one young person regain his future.  

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