Walmart’s Low Prices

When you pay a dime less at Walmart than you would at, say, Target, understand what you’re promoting.  A look at a current lawsuit gives you a glimpse of Walmart’s business practices.  Temporary workers are suing because they are required to arrive early, leave late, and interrupt their lunch hour when told to help a customer or check stock—and they don’t get that break-time back.  Of course, they don’t get paid for their extra time.

Taking advantage of employees in terms of wages and hours is common with Walmart. In early October, the company settled 63 (yes, sixty three) such lawsuits in 42 different states.

In other words, Walmart actually does get full price—and then some—for what they sell.  The difference is that the customer pays part and employees make up the difference.

That’s why I don’t shop at Walmart.  It’s too expensive.




  1. Maxine says:

    I didn’t know. That’s the end of me shopping there.